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Sound diffusion and stage acoustics

Proyecto: Sound diffusion and stage acoustics
Información :
Besides the characteristics of the hall, the acoustic quality of concert halls and performance spaces depends on the musical instruments and the listeners. It is the musicians who are very important listeners because if they have good acoustic quality (i.e. they hear themselves and among them), their performance is evaluated better at the audience. Furthermore, the musicians’ career development is favored by performing at stages with good acoustic quality. An important acoustic characteristic is the sound diffusion of the cladding. The main effect of surfaces’ sound diffusion on the sound field is known as sound diffuseness and some recently developed descriptors are available. A state-of-the-art rule states that the much the diffusion the interior surfaces have, the better the sound quality at the audience will be. However, the effects of surfaces’ sound diffusion on the acoustic quality at the musicians and their performance quality evaluated at the audience have not received much attention in academic publications. It remains unknown if good acoustic quality at stage could decrease when increasing diffusion near the stage. The main goal of this project is to address how surfaces’ sound diffusion affects the acoustic quality from the musicians’ standpoint. For this purpose, a series of rehearsals with actual musicians will be carried out into real-time virtual acoustics scenarios. Different sound diffusion characteristics will be set for each virtual scenario according to a strategic design of the experiment. Musicians will be asked about the acoustic quality. Then, using statistical and signal analysis, the performance of descriptors on sound diffuseness can be evaluated and the main goal is expected to be accomplished. The required equipment is a real-time virtual acoustics system available at the host institution. The design of the scenarios can be done with the software RAVEN of the host institution at both institutions.

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